Word from Papa, “Spiritual Arteries Clearing – A New Crop of Fruit in You Emerging!” -By Amy Meyer

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Papa Gods says:

Dear Ones – My People, My Family, My Chosen. I have been preparing you for quite some time. I draw you close to Me so you will rely on Me. Thus, you will cease from your efforts to be secured by any other sources, or satisfied apart from Me.

I am raising up a body and company that is completely attached to Me, receiving their full supply of everything from Me. Just as in the natural your body receives everything it needs from you alone. Your heart and lungs, for example, do not rely on another person to keep them pumping and breathing. They’re dependent upon you. What you feed them and how you tend to them. So, it is with My body. You are My body and more than you’ve ever known, I’m going to reveal that truth to you this year.

As with a giant eraser, I’m erasing the distance your mindsets, and the mindsets of religion have created to separate you from Me. Mindsets set against Me and set before Me.

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Papa Whispers… No pruning in the logic seems necessary…by Amy Meyer

Papa Whispers… No pruning in the logic seems necessary… it all feels and looks like a loss at the moment. But, that is where you must trust Me and lift your arms up for Me to hold you and source you thru it. Sink your roots so deep in Me, I won’t fail you. I’m after your process to prosper you! Wait till you see what I have in mind. 



Make your suit (body) available for Me to wear… Word from Papa God today By Amy Meyer

If Christ is the great Exchange, How much have we let Christ exchange, in our life? Meaning how much have we allowed Him to replace things in our life? Our thoughts, behaviors, ways, ideas, opinions, actions, benefits, attitudes, abilities, etc… So often we rely on ourselves to do the work! So, we double and triple our efforts to change and be better. But what we miss all the time is that it’s an EXCHANGE… a “giving up” to receive something better.

I was asking the Lord about this the other night… What’s our usual default? We say things like, “WHAT MUST I DO, TO HAVE THIS?! Yup… It’s not a bad question to ask… but too often our motives are to try and accomplish something in our own strength, to support our own sense of value and significance.

This was Papa’s response to me in regards to the above…

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