Mind Blowing Favor…by John Meyer

Many of us have had such a poor image of who we really are, and the joint heir benefits we have in Christ, because of mans doctrine and pain. But when we have a revelation that Gods desire is for us to receive mind blowing favor and outrageous blessing, we then actually become genuine Generosity in the earth. You see, we truly can’t be the generous nature of Love if we live like He wants us to merely survive through the measly worm mentality.

There is no such thing as “Survival Mode” in the nature of Generosity Himself. We only live that way because of our beliAbundance-real-roses_large1-1024x725ef systems founded in tradition, pain and low self worth.

John Meyer

Christformation Ponderings…do we really need more orphans leading a Reformation in The Church?….by John Meyer

There is a lot of talk about a new “Move” of God happening in this hour. I do agree that we are on the precipice of something awesome, but what matters most is how leaders treat others. An orphan mindset only seeks to serve itself while ostracizing others and devaluing who they are. God is not allowing the immature to lead in this hour. He is calling the unknowns out of their developmental training to display something that looks and sounds a whole lot like Love, with a capital “L”.