Keys to the Lamborghini…by John Meyer

maxresdefaultMature parenting says I don’t give the keys to the Lamborghini to my 5 year old to drive, but mature parenting doesn’t withhold the keys to the car when they become responsible enough to handle it at the appointed time either.

Whatever you do, make sure you are not the one trying to assess who gets the keys to opulence if you are not the “parent” in the situation. In other words, just because you think you know who deserves what at a certain moment in time, does not mean that you carry the heart of their relationship in the matter.

Sometimes we stick our noses in the lives of others because we are jealous or feel forgotten. Listen, God has never forgotten you or your appointed times. Allow Him to be the Good Parent in your own life, let go of the outcome, and watch what drives up to your life and hands you the keys.

– John Meyer


Green Pastures – Day 2 Psalm 23:1 He’s My Best Friend…by John Meyer

This is Day 2 of the series with John. Yes, there is no one closer than Christ in us. We can tell him anything without fear of him being disgusted or leaving us alone. He is THE BEST friend who sticks closer than any family member.