Green Pastures – 30 Day Life Reset – End of Day 3 – The Lord is My Shepherd…by John & Amy Meyer

This is our end of day 3 summary for The Green Pastures Series with John & Amy Meyer


Throwing Jesus out with the Religious/Institutional Bath Water…by John Meyer

Every Christian wants to live in the freedom Christ died to give, but what they don’t want is to be controlled by a religious spirit. Often times when a believer has their eyes fully opened to the truth about the institutional system they make a knee jerk reaction out of pain and swing clear over into a false freedom called the lust of the flesh. They also have a tendency to sometimes lump Jesus in with the mix. This is where deception awaits. Can I just tell you that Jesus is not and never was the problem. Religion as a whole is the problem. Listen in for more of our story and some insight into this broad topic.

How Pastors and Leaders Should Treat others. PT1 …by John & Amy Meyer

Part 1. This is a very big issue and a touchy topic in todays Church, worldwide. How should a leader treat those they have influence with? There have been many who have been mistreated, abused and controlled by the hand of an orphan or wounded leader.

We have often said that Leaders in the Church world are not exempt from living out the fruit of the spirit towards others. No, in fact, they should be the example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, faithfulness, and self-control in the earth.

Listen in on our rant and solution for good leadership to be established in the Church and business world.

Throwing out the bathwater, but what about the baby?….by Amy Meyer

So often in Christianity, we throw out the baby with the bathwater. It seems we’re so afraid of being deceived that we just throw it all out; “cleansing the temple” of everything, just to be “safe”. If we were living back in Jesus day, would we have been guilty of throwing Christ out then too, as a baby, just because he didn’t come the way we thought or were programmed to believe? Would we have been like the Pharisee with our small boxed heads of belief and limit God’s ability and wisdom to do something different? Would we have rejected Christ as unclean, and not a King because He wasn’t born within the four walls of our belief?

Who then is God? Us or Him? Who gets the final say on what’s right or wrong? So what do we do? In our uncertainty and unfamiliarity, we throw the “baby” out with the bathwater. Some of us would even like to throw him out of the┬ámanger because it doesn’t fit our grid!” As Jesus said, “you pour over all the scriptures yet you reject the one your searching for when He’s standing right in front of you!”

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