Christformation Ponderings…do we really need more orphans leading a Reformation in The Church?….by John Meyer

There is a lot of talk about a new “Move” of God happening in this hour. I do agree that we are on the precipice of something awesome, but what matters most is how leaders treat others. An orphan mindset only seeks to serve itself while ostracizing others and devaluing who they are. God is not allowing the immature to lead in this hour. He is calling the unknowns out of their developmental training to display something that looks and sounds a whole lot like Love, with a capital “L”.


Green Pastures – Day 2 Psalm 23:1 He’s My Best Friend…by John Meyer

This is Day 2 of the series with John. Yes, there is no one closer than Christ in us. We can tell him anything without fear of him being disgusted or leaving us alone. He is THE BEST friend who sticks closer than any family member.

New Breed of Prophet Rising in The Church…by John Meyer (quote)

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There is a new breed of Prophet rising in the earth. They have a bridal mandate…to heal the wounds of The Bride and prepare her, not through harsh words brought on by sin consciousness and judgment but through fruit of the spirit impartation that produces a Christ-consciousness. There is an enormous eternal wedding coming, and He isn’t expecting a Bride that doesn’t understand how much she’s loved and adored. – John Meyer