Christformation Ponderings…do we really need more orphans leading a Reformation in The Church?….by John Meyer

There is a lot of talk about a new “Move” of God happening in this hour. I do agree that we are on the precipice of something awesome, but what matters most is how leaders treat others. An orphan mindset only seeks to serve itself while ostracizing others and devaluing who they are. God is not allowing the immature to lead in this hour. He is calling the unknowns out of their developmental training to display something that looks and sounds a whole lot like Love, with a capital “L”.


Why Valuing and Loving Others Supersedes Vision Casting and Empire Building…by John Meyer

How we value and treat others as leaders will cause a magnetism effect of either poison or favor. Those who surround us, whether through employment or influence in general, will either honor who we are and follow us just about anywhere or they will be our Achilles heal in everything we try to do. Listen in and watch for more on this subject.