John & Amy Meyer

Our Passion 

johnamyatwaileapathTo be one with Love Himself in all His creative expressions! There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone truly meet Christ and discover the joy and grace of experiencing and expressing their relationship with Him; through their relationship, gifts, callings and story.  God is so personal and wise in His ways. He wants us to enjoy the journey with Him.  Often times the journey can be skewed through our own perception of what we think it should look like.  As we grow in Him, our perceptions change, thank the Lord!  We move to new heights, to see as He does. It often comes through seasons of growing pains, but that’s where spiritual muscles are born and maturity is gained, right?! 🙂 We’re all truly learning how to follow our Master Trail Guide and dear friend, a.k.a Holy Spirit. 🙂 Oh, what a delight He is!

We have the heart to help navigate and encourage people through their faith journey, especially when life just doesn’t make sense. Just like you, we’ve gone through the mental, physical, and emotional pains of it all. Life’s circumstances can certainly throw us all for a loop. The process we go through as believers trying to find our way through religious tradition to discover Truth himself has been like a survivor reality show at times, full of shipwrecks, food rations, loss, deserted islands, disillusionment, and finally, the rescue! Wilson anyone?? Many of us can relate to parts of the movie Cast Away.  This wasn’t God’s intention, but it you got caught in the snares of Religion on your journey, it has always been full of works, striving, and penance to a distant God it portrays.  With Papa God, it’s just the opposite. He has always been about drawing us near to Him with Childlike faith, embracing us as His son’s and daughters. His nature is to bless, give, love, forgive, etc… and His dream has always been to reveal to us, who we truly are… His family; His Royal priesthood.

About John…

I was born in Oakland, California, but raised mostly in Oregon. I grew up knowing about God, praying maintenance prayers and going to church when I was desperate, but I fully gave my heart to him in my early 20s. Before I met Amy, I had been involved in different aspects of prophetic ministry. Everything from evangelism on the streets of L.A. Volunteering at The L.A. Dream Center, to teaching and pastoring in Oregon. My mentor, Earnest Soady, who lives in the Los Angeles area, was good friends with Jack Coe, William Branning, Oral Roberts, and Paul Cain.  Earnest has lived by faith for over 50 years and has seen amazing miracles! I am truly grateful for the lessons he taught me; especially following the leadings and promptings of the Holy Spirit. When I met Amy it seemed that everything accelerated for both us.  We took off like a rocket walking out the process of truly becoming one with Christ and ministering in many different capacities in the prophetic. 

About Amy…

Born and raised in Oregon, I grew up on an 80 acre horse ranch in Oregon City, and enjoyed riding horses. I was born into a Christian home, but hungered for a personal relationship with God in my teens. I learned to cultivate a relationship with Him through journaling His words of wisdom to me. Out of my journals came my first book in 2013 called, “Papa’s Living Room”.  God told me He wanted His people to know more of what He sounded like. Hence, He asked me to publish the wisdom, advice and analogies He’d been teaching me over the years. My grammar may not be the best, but I wanted to be obedient to what He was asking. As far as ministry goes, I’ve been involved with worship teams, youth pastoring, prophetic teams, starting new church works, etc. My niche’ apart from writing is also in painting Prophetic art, mainly oil. You can view some of my pieces on this site.  Combined in all the above, I absolutely love identifying peoples gifts and callings and helping them to align with it.  Along with that, I enjoy helping people pull out their prophetic words and map out the direction, preparation and identity God has called them to. 🙂 And most of all, Connect with God’s heart and what He’s teaching them on their journey.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us! Praying that God will use us to be a big encouragement to you!


John and Amy