Word from Papa, “Spiritual Arteries Clearing – A New Crop of Fruit in You Emerging!” -By Amy Meyer

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Papa Gods says:

Dear Ones – My People, My Family, My Chosen. I have been preparing you for quite some time. I draw you close to Me so you will rely on Me. Thus, you will cease from your efforts to be secured by any other sources, or satisfied apart from Me.

I am raising up a body and company that is completely attached to Me, receiving their full supply of everything from Me. Just as in the natural your body receives everything it needs from you alone. Your heart and lungs, for example, do not rely on another person to keep them pumping and breathing. They’re dependent upon you. What you feed them and how you tend to them. So, it is with My body. You are My body and more than you’ve ever known, I’m going to reveal that truth to you this year.

As with a giant eraser, I’m erasing the distance your mindsets, and the mindsets of religion have created to separate you from Me. Mindsets set against Me and set before Me.

Your desires to sincerely know Me have reached a tipping point like a dam ready to break. They are breaking through into the new and true reality of living in Me through Christ. He is the way! All that My Son did for you was to set you free! He’s removing the plaque from your spiritual arteries. My Life Flow is opening to you all. An unlimited supply of My eternal oxygen.

My body has been going through an incredible detox for the last two decades and even more intensely in the last few years. You’ve felt stripped down to nothing through the internal fast I’ve initiated to cleanse My body. My Life can now resonate in all of you – may I add, without limitations.  

The days of living “halfway in” are over. The mixed drinks of religion are being overturned and exposed. My Body of Believers have put aside the mix and are craving the pure Eternal Drink of My Son! Anything apart from that will be detected and declined; repelled and spat out. Once you’ve tasted the true, you can never go back to cheap counterfeits in disguise.

I am raising up such a Body – a Body of pure LOVE. Out of you will flow The Drink that all are looking for. Even the world has tasted the drink of cheap wine religion and spewed it out! Soon they will trust you, My bride, for the very love you resonate will attract and bear witness to the true reality I’ve placed inside them, drawing them into Me. 

All are searching! Give them The Drink they are looking for. Offer it freely with no bribery, no agenda, but to serve. For your witness of generosity and love will speak the message of My Son to them.  Allow them to inquire of you – indicating their readiness.

Come, My bride for you are about to taste the New Crop of Fruit emerging in you. Winter has passed! It really has Beloved. Your roots are now able to handle the bountiful yield I have in mind. Your vine entwined with Mine, in the Union I’ve longed for. 

For through these last few years, even you have individually laid down your pride. Laid down the way you thought things should be, and the doctrines you believed were of Me. You’ve returned to childlikeness again, holding a clean slate to learn anew.

I love you, My Family. Flow with Me like a sail that catches My Wind. I have made you flexible and pliable to handle the avenue and direction I am taking My Kingdom. Only the rigid will miss this move. Those who have yielded their vessels to My voice and it’s pruning agent will be ready and welcome for what I am doing. 

It is time, Beloved, it is time. Your once green fruit is displaying color. Turn your spirit towards My Son consistently throughout the day. He alone can ripen you.  

A crop yielded to Me will see the Great Harvest that has been prophesied to take place. Watch and be amazed! You will be right at My side – We will be as One! You are My Body wholly connected to Me – everywhere I go, you go.  All will taste the goodness of Us together in the land of the living and prosper. Now is the time. Keep yielding, for the Fruit, is coming forth!

– Papa




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