“OVERFLOW” Word from the Lord… by Amy Meyer

Word from the Lord…..
More than enough is what I promise…I am more than enough for all who will drink from Me. Are you tired worn out from trying to get things your own way? Come to Me, enter My green pastures and I will fill you and give you rest. 
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All who enter, enter by faith. You can not enter through the door of your reason and logic. You will hit a wall and question My existence. The door appears when your faith does the walking.
Come, enter in and sit at My table. Are you thirsty? Really thirsty? Then lend Me your cup so I can fill it full! Remove anything else that would try and fill that cup. Aren’t you tired of drinking in your own ideas and ways? Try mine and be fully blessed and restored. My drink is life forever more!
Receive My counsel as we sip together…

What I’m longing for is your sweet communion. For you to truly partake of what I’m offering and let it become yours. Your countenance will change and so will your perspectives on life.
I am with you and for you. When you drink from the cup of wine I offer. You’ll discover that no other substitute will do, for you have come upon and found that there is no other in comparison to the drink I offer you. I will cleanse you, heal you and put the joy back in your steps. All that’s required is your choice. Your choice to drink My cup of delight. Is that so hard? Yes, it requires faith, that what I offer is good and once you taste it, you’ll shift and change what you thought about Me! 
I am in the business of shifting and changing peoples perspectives. Yes, I know I gave you a will, but I also know how to restore and redeem it. So choose today to sit down and dine with Me. This will truly please Me and ease the concerns you had, before ever entering into My ways. I am with you and for you. Grace upon grace is being added to you now. 
Drink up, drink full, and find yourself transported from the dull perspectives and beliefs you had prior. I am about to rock you with delight and reveal to you a side you’ve never seen before but secretly hoped was there in Me! The secret is out and here I am, standing before you, toasting to the pleasures of what I’ve created you for. It’s time beloved to dine and enjoy all the sacrifices I’ve made for you.  No more mourning, I paid it all in full and there’s nothing more you can add. Now enter in and make My heart glad by believing and receiving this refreshing drink of Life I’m offering. It’s all for you and yours for the taking! Have all you want! 
Your Good Shepherd and Lover, Jesus

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