Could your definition of SIN be faulty? It might not be exactly what you think…by Amy Meyer

44991ea9fac64ef715260c47f8438aefWe think we know what sin is, resembled by religion and parental figures as a tormenting finger in our face… daily, by the hour, by the second… Self-effort accusations of analysis and shame, etc… Pictures and fateful lies of being a slimy-dog-worm, a popper, unfit and unworthy… but for the love and grace of Christ, that you subconsciously feel like you have to earn or payback… Trading into the lie of society that nothing’s “free” honey! But, could it be that once an apple always an apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree…? I’m not talking about Adam here or Eve. To know your identity, your real identity is key!

What if sin is found in the disorientation of separation, losing direction from the source and tree of life-giving eternity…?

Eph. 2:1 (MIR) 2:1 Picture where God found us. We were in a death trap of an inferior lifestyle, constantly living below the blueprint measure of our lives.

(The word sin, is the word 1 hamartia, from ha, negative or without and meros, portion or form, thus to be without your allotted portion or without form, pointing to a disorientated, distorted, bankrupt identity; the word meros, is the stem of morphe, as in 2 Corinthians 3:18 the word metamorphe, with form, which is the opposite of hamartia – without form. Sin is to live out of context with the blueprint of one’s design; to behave out of tune with God’s original harmony. See Deuteronomy 32:18, “You have forgotten the Rock that begot you and have gotten out of step with the God who danced with you!” Hebrew, khul or kheel, to dance.)

You were made in God’s image! “Apples are apples”! Give yourself permission to step back into rhythm, into with dance with Him! He’ll tune you back into harmony, and into sync with your original blueprint! Sin is separation from your partner; LOVE Himself! Deny yourself from LOVE No more! He’s knocking on your door to hit the dance floor! Arms wide open, reflecting your truest identity with Daddy’s-pride and joy! 😀

Love you guys! Just thought I’d share another and different perspective. 😉 -Amy <3

Rom. 5:2(MIR) Jesus is God’s grace embrace of the entire human race. So here we are, standing tall in the joyful bliss of our redeemed innocence! We are God’s dream come true! This was God’s idea all along!

Your union with his death broke the association with sin [Col 3:3].(MIR)

The grace of God ended sin’s dominance. -Rom 6:17(MIR)




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