Embracing Mystery and Suprise in Life…Word from Papa God By Amy Meyer

He says, All things have no comparison to following Me. Allow Me as your good shepherd, to lead you always, to green pastures. Let your love and security rest in My provision and faithfulness. Think bigger and keep following Me. Get comfortable with Mystery. Embrace it as a delight, like a surprise, like a gift from Daddy. Part of being childlike and having childlike faith is the pleasure and enjoyment of surprises and mystery. Embrace it. Adults lose their faith and tend to control their environments, due to pain and misunderstandings. Children, on the other hand, embrace surprise and wonder and enjoy its reward. They are drawn towards it and secure with it. Become childlike again in your faith with Me. Allow Me to heal the areas where you thought I wasn’t a good Father…


Rest your heart and release yourself.

Untie the rope and detach from the doc of your own understanding. Come out with Me and I will teach you. I will help re-establish your faith and trust in Me again and restore a place of wonder and awe upon your heart again.

My Kingdom is meant to be enjoyed. That is what I want to be modeled. Not, some hardship. Yes, hard times come, but there is a grace and place to live in Me, where your childlike wonder will not leave and people will see and wonder themselves how you can remain so at peace. For mystery has wrapped it’s self around you like a comforting warm blanket and you are content to trust and rest in the one who supplies it. I am nurturing. I am comforting. I shall awe and wonder you with My goodness. Now, let go of what you know and embrace My way of doing things. You can trust Me, My grace is there to comfort you.



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