Word from Papa God today “Pull-Up”… by Amy Meyer

Papa God says to you, I am doing something great in you! Look higher and aim higher. Don’t settle for comfort at the level you are currently at.

I don’t want you making any final decisions, direction-wise until you arrive at the next place I am taking you, in our relationship. Come with Me first, then you will be able to see and know more clearly as to what direction I want you to take. Don’t put the cart before the horse, making plans and then bringing them to Me. I am trying to get you to come up higher, first, before the plans are made. Put your priorities straight. I need you to put a death blow to your reason and logic that overrides your spirit man.

To the degree I am taking you……there is no room, nor any oxygen left, for reason and logic to survive. They are like the mice that “slip into your plane”. They will continue to eat away and short-circuit your connectors to me. You must pull the plane up higher! You, my friend, must choose to do it or you will continue to entertain and tolerate the mice as they quietly chew away at your wires. Do you know where that leads…? The outcome will lead you to demise if you tolerate it much longer.

You must resist and fight t23031144_10212039205830130_3616731917060304219_nhe level you are cruising at and come up higher. Complacency kills!  You must choose to pull up, so you can, in turn, kill these pesty lies of reason and logic, for they can not last at the elevation I am taking you. If you choose to pull-up, you’ll hit the jet stream that I have waiting for you. You don’t know it’s there because you can’t see it. But, believe me, it’s there. I’ve prepared it for you and for all of you who have faith to pull up higher, up above the clouds, where you can’t see nor be distracted by the natural elements of the “land and sea”. Come up with Me! I have new eyesight and direction waiting for you. Drop the cargo of reason and logic and come up higher! There’s an unseen force I want you to tap into. Yes, this takes a discipline on your part, going against all your survival mechanisms, but there is a breaking through of the quiff awaiting you! Come! Pull-up, and press in! I have much awaiting you!

-Papa God

We often times fly low, for the security of the familiar. We believe we still have a sense of control, but it’s an illusion. We are lying to ourselves, still holding on to our lives. Thinking we’re ok to have a little of both, calling it “balance” Balancing acts, are risky games. Can we really forecast and save ourselves. It’s one thing to be in a state of progress, which will result in continual growth. But the level we’re flying at, reveals the level of our belief/faith. Only God know’s our future. Better to follow Him and forsake our illusions of “being in control”. It’s time to fully explore the Destiny God has for you! Maybe you’ve tried pulling-up higher in the past and “lost a bit of control!” You freaked out and went back into maintenance mode! The danger of flying low though, as the Lord said, is we’ve allowed reason and logic to stay on board as they’ve quietly been nibbling away at our courage, dreams, and connection with Him. Choose today, not to tolerate this anymore! God is calling us all to come up higher! They’re a jet stream of glory awaiting us, that’s going to open up a whole new playing field for us! It will rejuvenate our vision and bring us to life and vitality again! You weren’t created to cruise and you know it! The controller/ “Joy-stick” is in your hand! Make a conscious choice and Pull up; Embracing what God is doing! 

Love you all!! -Amy  

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  • wow, this is so timely! I’ve been wondering what, where, how, when. ok, I’ll wait upon Him.
    Thank you dear sweet Amy!

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