PAPA’S Word to the Church…. My House of Habitation… By Amy Meyer

god-s-house-1-peter-2 (2)God is Building A House of Habitation…. Do we know where to look and what to look for?
Read below as Papa God shares His heart, sharing what He’s looking for, and how we can join in with what He’s doing. Many of us will bare witness with joy at His words and what lays ahead. This was the word He had me release at the end of my message at Face to Face Ministries in Canada. Be encouraged! Amy <3
So, you want to dwell with Me (Papa)? Throughout the centuries man has tried to build a house to contain Me. I laugh at the thought! But for those with pure hearts and pure desires, I admire their ambitions and draw near to their endeavors. Surely, mankind cannot contain me in wood, hay, straw, and stubble… But man himself was designed to carry me, to carry Me in their hearts, like lovers do. I in them and they in Me. Am I not building a house of habitation within My Kinsmen…?

You are My family. I cannot help but want to rear you up in My ways. I long for you to know Me, to reflect My heart and wisdom, by what you’ve learned about Me. You were made in My image. I designed it that way. I gave birth to you and you are mine. My motherly nature refuses to not nurture you. The Father in Me longs to mature you in stature, to a place of maturity and sonship. A place of trust and responsibility. I want to entrust My Kingdom to you and all that it poses, but you must be trained, you must be groomed and willing to yield to My processes. Do not choose your own way… Please, come and abide, come and build your home in Me. Allow Me to raise you up.
I have created and predestined those who will help you grow. Those who I can trust, who have learned My ways and have been positioned by Me alone. They are My watchman and My shepherds. My instructors and My builders, and those that point the way. These are the Five-fold functions I’m referring too…They operate like tutors and trainers to help you mature and succeed. I did not leave you as orphans, but too often man has believed I have. If you will come under My tutelage and allow my chosen ones to help you, you will become the fully mature bride, fit, prepared and adored by My Son.
There is much work to be done! Much preparation to take place! Are you willing, are you ready? Then Let Me have My way. Come, come quickly into My house. The place that has been prepared for you! The doors are open, for I have created a habitation for you where My presence abides. Listen to the leaders I have put in place. You will recognize My voice in and through them, to know it is of Me. They are there to help you. They will take your measurements like a seamstress, not in a condemning way but in a way to measure your progress. Making you fit for the dress I’ve bought and arranged for you. They are preparing you, adorning you and protecting you with My heart in mind. They are subject to Me and will tend to you the way I want them too. I know you have been abused in the past by false shepherds and the likes… but I am raising up the true and you can trust them now. For they will carry My heart and likeness. You can easily discern the difference by now. Yes, I am asking you to trust again… There is the real and genuine and I am bringing them forth. They’re heart and joy is to help you! Cast aside the past and fully engage yourself once again, for this is a new relationship coming forth in the body of Christ. I am bringing forth the help. The ones I have prepared for you Myself. You’ll recognize them…
I have also given you My Holy Spirit, who you are about to get to know very well is this next season! He is coming on the scene stronger than He ever has, for He is truly seeing a bride that is ready for His training and ready to follow Him all the way! He is My signet ring and gift to you. He will stay near your heart and guide you. Get to know Him very well this next season! He knows you inside and out and will prepare you as My representation. No one knows Me better than the Holy Spirit, except My son, so listen to Him and learn His way well. He is truly a priceless gift to you.
You have not been left alone. It is time to fully engage the engagement and prepare yourself with utter delight! I know you have lived in houses made by man where My presence was nowhere to be found. But let me tell you. Today is a new day! Come! For My Sons and daughters have prepared a place for you! Arise in who you truly are! They are about to show you the way, teaching you what I’m like and leading you straight to My heart.
If you will come and abide, you will be fit as My bride. Do not be like those who were unwise and unprepared… meaning they had no oil left for the long haul. This as a sign of their unbelief. If they would have believed they would have brought extra. Prepare yourself. Now is the time to fully engage!
I am creating houses of habitation everywhere on the earth for My Bride to get ready and prepare herself. It is a safe chamber and there I will equip and teach you my ways, My culture, My language, and all that will belong to you with the arrangements I have made. It is time for My chosen ones to arise! Daughters will soon become women, young boys will soon become men!
Let My voice be heard to all those who are called to prepare My Bride! The sound is going out! Take your stations and listen for My cues. Come one come all and bless My beloved and in return, she will bless you! Now is the time of preparation. Five-fold come into place! Rise up, My bride! Rise up, My beloved! For she is coming of age and must be prepared. Get to your places….
-Papa God

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