Your “Mid-life Crisis” is an Awakening… A word from Papa God…By Amy Meyer

download (4)He Says to you…Many of My people are in a midlife crisis and haven’t acknowledged it. This is not to say to receive it, but to identify and align yourself to adjustments. There’s something hidden under the term midlife crisis, there’s something deeper taking place that few have turned inside to look at and consider.

Most run to an outside source to satisfy and bring stability to their uncertainties. Yes, this is a stage of great uncertainty, but know, My children, your life is not over, no, your greatest days are ahead of you. I do not judge according to man’s ways. They say oh, the prime is in your 20’s. I say to you the prime is in your full radiant bloom even up into your 80’s.

There is depth and deep vibrant colors that accompany age. Yes, there is a breaking point at this stage but it’s meant to break you open like an alabaster box. Something aged is often worthy of value. My standards are different than the world’s. Again, I say to you the best is still to come. Think of yourself as fine wine. What good is wine when it’s young. Sure, it tastes sweet, but it doesn’t quite have the richness and impact it’s designed for.

This stirring and sense you feel inside, this sense of dissatisfaction is not a bad thing my children. It’s a redirecting. Know not to blame your family nor your situations. All those things can change and be redeemed. The first and most vital step is to look inside yourself and look to me.

This is a time of vertical alignments and adjustments. Too many of my people have lived for years horizontally, but there comes a point when you hit a crossroad in life that will change your life one way or the other . . . for good or for bad. This is why you feel so unstable, unnerved, uncertain. You look back confused, you look forward confused, but my sword from heaven has drawn a line for you to look above and align.

Midlife is often thought to be a curse, but I say to you it is a cross. A crossing if you will, to step into the fullness of who you are. The juggling act has to subside as you choose once again to narrow the focus and align everything to match the divine call on your life. Many run from this time and that is why you see them do crazy fly off the handle things. Their fears are causing them to ricochet off the sword and the walk I’m calling them to. The true purpose of a mid-life crisis is to see the old, the heavyweights and the things that so easily beset you, cut away. It’s a time of stripping down and defining what you’re truly here for. In this state, however, the flesh flips, for it doesn’t want to let go. It bounces off, wringing your neck with lie filled pleasures to cause you to escape reality. My children, you do not want to escape the life I’ve called you to. The purpose of this time is to release and return to Me.

Dross is only removed when it is stirred and heated, so see this stirring and heat as a good thing and allow it to direct you in the right way. You explode because you’ve had years of denying yourself, of putting others, and other dreams before your own. I am calling you into a time to renew those dreams and position yourself for the second half of your life. This is a new chapter, even a new book or your many volumes. Wisdom will accompany.

Life is not meant to coast at this stage. Coasting is just the outward appearance for numbness. So, what caused numbness? It’s when a connection is cut off or something has fallen asleep. Crisis, though not My choice, often awaken things. See your frustrations as a means of stirring and awakening past dreams and visions, but bring them before me and I will give you the direction you need. The key is not to take matters into your own hand in regards to doing something drastic. Rather make a resolve to start living life the way you were always intended to.

Weeds are plucked one by one. Take an assessment of your life yourself and see what things can be removed; things that have been draining you or taking up your time. Take the steps to remove them to bring you into a greater sense of health and wellbeing. The first place to start is within, no one can make you happy, not even Me. I will never force you to do anything, it’s all a matter of choices. Where you’re at in life right now is an accumulation of your choices, yet let there be no regrets. I Am the Master of turn around, the King of bringing value and beauty from every ash heap and hard place.

It’s time for your story to be told. It’s time to sing your song. There is depth now where there wasn’t depth before. There was only talent in the past, but I never wanted you to ride on your talent alone. Come away with Me and allow me to unravel what some things in your life have meant. Let me give you My perspective, not the world’s view. I am eternal and so are you, now doesn’t that say that I Am looking at a much bigger picture than you can see on this earth? Your time on the earth is only one phase. There is greater development going on than you can see.

Yes, you are in a state of metamorphosis, but for this to work and bring you the fruit and change necessary, you must still yourself and allow the process to take place. Let me remove the things that need to go.

When My people get fearful, they often cling to what they know or what gave them pleasure in the past, to subside the pain and insecurity of what they’re going through.  Oh, My child, if you’ll just trust Me and still yourself, come away and lay before Me in a state of surrender, I will do the work. Make the time. Make space for Me. Don’t allow the things surrounding you to dictate to you any longer. I am asking you to make room for Me. It’s necessary. Do what you must. Let go of the things taking up your time.

Aren’t you tired of living life on the run? It’s running you into the grave and that’s not where I want you to be. You must say enough is enough. Many people are at a boiling point, and that is why this is a Crisis! Don’t let yourself get to this point! The enemy is wanting you to snap, right before you reach convergence.

Carrying-Weight-2Often you felt the pressure and weight to be unbearable. Please come, release your burdens to me. You’ve formed a habit of becoming a burden bearer. Some of this was put upon you but some of it, you chose out of obligation. Oh, My child, please come! Let Me release you from this stress. Come into My presence and just soak, just rest before Me. Make up your mind and do what it takes! It’s vital at this stage for your vitals are even at stake! Let Me restore you, let Me refresh you. This journey will get better if you can come to Me.

Why are you making excuses? Don’t you know I Am fully aware of your circumstance? Aren’t you ready for some changes? Please, take this time to come away with Me. I need you to step outside the familiar so you can change your perspective and find clarity. You’re in a fog and a stuper at home. I need you to step out for a moment just to clear the air.

I am arresting and gripping your soul to protect you from going this way any longer. I want to add meaning and purpose to your life again. To you personally. So, I am asking you to come, get away with Me, bring your journal, write to Me. I will search your heart and give you keys that will add new insight to your destiny.

You haven’t’ missed it, but what I am asking you to do now is important and crucial to your health. If you can get ahead of the crossroad you’ll leap ahead and be able to snatch the right train, heading in the right direction. Many fall short, however, and resist coming to Me during this time. They’re dealing with pain and rejection they believe I’ve caused. They wind up plowing forward without any change, arriving at the crossroad only to be hit by a pounding, barreling train. It doesn’t have to be this way! That is why I Am trying to get ahold of you, now, ahead of time. You can recover from the train wreck, but not without some casualties. Do you really want to go down this route? Please come away with Me, I can victoriously walk you through to the other side of this. There is a greater purpose here, let Me show you. Submit to My ways above your own. Allow the run in you to be redirected and run to Me.


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  • Really? The God of the entire universe who created all things and exists from before the beginning of time – this God has to repeat Himself over & over again to get a point across? I don’t think so. These so-called prophetic utterances are really over the top!

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