Hatch Those Chickies… Build That “Car”….by Amy Meyer

Hi, guys! I don’t know about you, but it’s time to birth and hatch these chickies!!🐣Meaning, the things Gods been asking you to create, release, & produce. You see the path in front of you, but do you have the car to get there? God is saying, “build the car!” “Stop staring at the path!”

Once you build the car, It will take you and connect you with the opportunities you’ve been waiting for!

He’s already given you all the tools, parts, & supplies you need, to get started. He’s just waiting for you to put your faith into action!

The light is permanently green right now, waiting for your “car” to arrive on the scene! Heaven is proclaiming! “It’s a green light, go!” Put your faith in your feet and get out there!

There is never going to be the perfect time or scenario. God challenged me when I was crying out just to have a refuge place to write. He said, “At least you’re not in jail. If my servant Paul can be obedient to write the epistles in jail, what’s you’re excuse?”Leave it to the Lord to always put things in perspective!! So here I am, jumping in and pressing forward!

Do it afraid! Do it anyway! Whether you feel like it or not. Grace, strength & anointing will flow, when you open up, engage & go!👍

17241569-auto-iconsLove you guys!! -Amy

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