YOU WILL MAKE IT! A word from PAPA GOD to you….By Amy Meyer

You will make it! I( Papa), give you My word. Just keep your wings steady… or keep your emotions stabilized. This is My promise to you: whatever you have had to give up on this journey I will give back to you ten times more! Nothing is lost in My Kingdom. I keep track of everything and I have been keeping track of you. Rejoice in the goodness you know about Me. Let patience lift you up and keep you afloat. By doing this, you’ll outlast the enemy. Remain childlike and rely on My grace and mercy. Surely I am not a hard God. If earthly fathers are willing to help their children, how much more am I? Deeper things are taking place than you can see right now. Continue to let go and flow with Me. I will orchestrate things accordingly.

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