Let Pain Push You Above… Word from Papa God… By Amy Meyer

Why pain?  Pain is a part of the fall of man, but you can choose to let your pain push you above your circumstances.  Sometimes pain will push a person to where he otherwise may not have moved.  So in a lot of cases, it can be used for your good. 
Rest in a state of peace.  I know you want to do what is pleasing to Me, but please don’t try to walk this out in your own strength.  Let’s walk together, shall we?  Remember, I created you for companionship.  I love to love on you and walk with you.  Lean into Me, like a little child does her Papa, and simply follow Me.  Keep a playful heart; young and free.  I’ll handle the big stuff.  You are well taken care of and I love you very much.  You are never alone!  You are secure in Me.  Rest in the pleasures of childlikeness.  Papa’s got it handled.   -Papa


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