Understanding The Power of Your Will…(Word from Papa God) By Amy Meyer



Before I (Papa) created the earth there was darkness. What I had envisioned was still inside Me. But what happened when I spoke the words? It became what I spoke? I have given you the same ability. Take it not lightly, for you are My offspring and I desire for you to create as I create. Much is going to be entrusted to you as you step out and start using the gift I’ve given you. Yes, an increase is on its way. What would you like to create with Me?

Speak it out. Is it really that hard? Don’t worry about your faith. Speak it out and keep speaking it out, and your faith will catch up with you. This is a matter of being willing. Your will is more powerful than you know! Why do you think the enemy wants to break your will! He wants to stop you from standing in My image, declaring, and responding like I do. He wants to either break your will to stop you from creating or give you a bad taste in life so you’ll produce a negative effect with your mouth. So, he either wants to break it or chain it. Don’t let him! WILL to not let him! Your will is powerful and a force to be reckoned with!

I want you to ask Me more of how I want you to use your will. Let Me train you and teach you. Take ownership of its power and stand in who you are! With your will, tell the enemy to loose everything that belongs to you! With your will, receive My abundant grace for your life. Start willing to do everything I’ve asked you to and you’ll watch the rest of yourself fall into line and in sync with that action. Will. Make your mind up, and do it! Speak it, create it, and model it!

– Papa

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