Finished With Fake Book…by John Meyer

finwithfakeamazoncoverChristians everywhere have been waking up to the fact they’ve bought into a fake belief system. One that makes them become something they’re not. This “system” of belief can be called religion or a religious spirit. Whatever you want to call it, there can be devasting affects on the minds of those who have subjected themselves to it’s captivity. Everything from performance driven burnout to becoming a completely different person, the religious spirit sucks the life out of anyone who subjects themselves to it. The Pharisees of old mastered it’s formula in order to hold people in bondage to their selfish demands. This kind of mentality is still very much in operation today and its goal is to enslave those who are desperate for approval, acceptance and love. Religion as a whole, is likened unto a merit system, with a mission to promise a reward for best behavior and forced submission.

This is why Jesus took issue with the mindset behind this spirit operating in the soul of the religious elite as he walked the earth. You see, righteousness has little to do with making sure we cross all of our T’s and dot all of our I’s trying to get everything just right. Righteousness has more to do with what Christ did on the Cross at Calvary so that we could be reconciled back to him through relationship. Righteousness or “Right standing” also has alot to do with God’s nature of generosity or having a lifestyle of being generous in all areas, more than mere rule keeping.

Love gives, control takes. Fakery is the master of control, because it causes people to strive, sweat, and toil trying to add up to a standard that is impossible to keep. Religiosity loves to play the role of an actor taking us further away from authenticity and genuine expression through our own personality. The religious spirit drains the life out of individuality keeping people from becoming fully alive in the love and unique calling God has for them.

Have you found yourself asking more questions about your life than ever before?
Are you simply surviving instead of thriving?
Surrounded by religious minds who have a difficult time being relatable and real?
Weary of playing the role of someone else?
Tired of living a fake life?
Do you know someone who is stuck in a downward spiral within the religious system and just can’t seem to find freedom?

If so, then this prophetically quoted book is for you. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is really struggling with one or more of these areas. This is not your ordinary book. It’s prophetic in nature and will help to open spiritual understanding of what it means to live an authentic life.

Finished with Fake is a compilation of prophetic sayings and quotes that Papa God has given me for all those who desire to become who they were meant to be. Listen with your heart as you read, and chances are you’ll begin to see yourself changing for the better. My prayer is that you’ll find confirmation to what you’ve been experiencing, and the permission to be you.

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