Hearing My (God’s) Voice…By Amy Meyer

Oftentimes you have asked Me in your heart, “Lord, if You could just speak louder and get my attention that would really help!”  But sweetheart, if I did that, you would come to me out of force.  My sheep should be tender enough to heed a quiet, still voice and a gentle nudge of My Spirit.
What if you are hearing Me, but you are so accustomed to doing things by responding to force, that you are asking Me…
 to do the same to you?  I will never force you. That is not My nature.  All that need be, is for you to still yourself.  Yes, this goes against your learned nature, but it is forming a good habit.  You can do it.  You hear Me just fine.  Don’t look for Me in big signs, just listen.
I am always here to talk with you about anything and everything.  That’s what a good parent is available for.  I would not want you to go to anyone else first.  Just ask Me and I will answer.  Still yourself.  Come away to a place that is pleasant, a secret place, and find Me.  And when you come to Me, do not come in fear but come with a heart of thanksgiving, trusting that I will answer you and encourage you.  Sometimes I simply want you to rest in My presence so that I can refresh you.

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Big blessings to you and thanks for reading! -Amy

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