Enjoying the fruit of your labor…by Amy Meyer

Fun days are ahead for you! Mark My words! I (Papa) want to have fun with you! You are truly entering into a time of fullness to taste and see that I am surely good!! Although this time, it is not just a taste, it is an overflowing! Past seasons were tastes, witnessing to you the time you are now entering. Yes! The time has come, for you have made yourself ready. Ready to hold the capacity of all I want to give you! Thank you for your service, but more than anything, thank you for an unwavering heart that continues to love Me through every valley and mountain, every trial and victory! I am so pleased, Beloved! You have stood the test of time. Come, enter in, and take a seat at My table. The banquet has been set for you, and now you are about to eat the fruits of your labor! What delight, what tasteful wonder! What joy wells up in My heart! I have waited for this day, Dear One! Yes, I have waited with eager anticipation! You have ravished My heart and I have granted you My kingdom. Come! Eat your fill! For soon the music will start and we shall dance the night away in a glorious celebration!
– Papa God

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