I(God) Want Humanity to Hear What I Sound Like… By John Meyer


I was sitting at my kitchen table recently when I heard the Lord whisper, “I want all of humanity to hear what I really sound like. I want them to know that I long to have a conversation with them, so I am calling all of My children to open their mouths and speak what I give them in this hour.” I felt the emotion of God’s heart towards all of humanity when He spoke this to mine. It’s time to whisper, speak, and release what God is placing on our hearts to any and everyone who has an ear to hear what is being spoken. Prophets, prophetic people and anyone who hears His voice are feeling the prompting to speak what is on His heart to a fear-filled and confused world. We are now in a time where we are compelled by love to tell people they don’t have to be filled with fear, and they certainly don’t have to wander in confusion. It’s time to rise to the standard of Christ in you beloved and do what He is showing you to do. He promises to meet you with words in your mouth and safety by your side.

The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say at the moment when you need them. Luke 12:12 (The Voice)

It’s time to push reasoning aside and go with the prompt in your gut. It’s time to look logic directly in the eye and say, “You are necessary, but right now you need to take a back seat while I deliver this word to someone in desperate need.” It’s time to cut in line in front of fear and act as if it’s not there to release the voice of God to a confused friend that just can’t seem to find their way. God is coming to Church! He’s coming to His Church in this hour in power and He is looking for those who will deliver the tone, influxion, emotion, and sound that is in tune with His voice to all who bend their ear to hear. Papa God is longing to reach through imperfect vessels who love deeply and speak with conviction the sound of His love towards humanity. Lay hold of The Prize Who resides within you. Listen intently to His perfect words coming through your imperfection to those who are hurting.

Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:12

We are now living in a moment of time where the sound of God’s voice will dwarf the voice of fear and dread that is gripping the hearts of the unbelieving. We must arise and refuse to allow the sound of fear ringing through the airwaves of media and replace the violence with the power of transformative love. There is no power man can muster that can drown out the sound of a word from Almighty God delivered directly to the heart of the weary. Oh yes, it’s time Church! It’s time to shine like the powerful people we are and silence the enemy in a way that leaves him confused and wandering. I’m talking about the sound of God’s voice delivered through a whisper or a laser-like word that thunders in the center of their heart. One word from Christ in you can do more damage to the enemy’s camp than millions of attempted attacks by orphaned terrorists. One phrase delivered to the ear of someone who has come to the end of their rope can set them on a collision course with destiny that impacts the world for good.

Dear brothers and sisters now is not the time to let inadequacy get the best of you. You are qualified to release Gods voice. It’s the voice of love, mercy, and grace. We are qualified to love because He lives in us, we are one with His very image. Love like you’ve never loved, speak with compassion like you’ve never spoken before and follow through on the promptings to release the life changing words He gives you. You never know how your words can transform a life that needs to know that God cares. You may be thinking, yeah, I hear you John, but the world doesn’t want to hear from Christians anymore! They’re sick of all the hypocrisy. Can’t you see the persecution coming to America and other places around the world? I understand what you are saying, and yes, I have seen what’s been happening, but this is not the time to shrink back! This is the time to look directly into the storm outside of your boat and shout “No more!” until the waves become glass. You have it in you! You have Him in you! He’s at rest in the storm and he wants you and me to be at rest in our souls so we can hear the sound of His voice to receive His direction in our greatest hour. We know His voice. His people do not follow the voice of strangers. The way to hear Him more clearly is to remove yourself from all of the clammer and clutter surrounding your life and go back to the familiar still small voice within so that you can help others to do the same.

This is our greatest hour Church! Let nothing stand in the way of giving someone the great honor of hearing tangible Love through you! Wherever you go, release the whisper, engage the conversation, deliver the smile from Heaven, go with the prompt, shut down disqualification, and remove those mountains of despair, hopelessness, and depression from people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t want to hear the sound of God’s voice through you, just move to the next one who does. You don’t have to be weird about it, just be you and the God who longs to be heard throughout humanity will have His way through your vocal chords and your compassion.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
Mark 16:15

Releasing Love,


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