Word from Papa God today! PROVISION from Papa’s Living Room Book Vol.1 …by Amy Meyer

papaslivingroomsquareheaderEntry#99 Provision

Provision belongs to all My people. Yes, I have given them the ability to produce wealth. Many have just not tapped into that ability, but there are seeds within every one of My children. Search your heart and ask Me what the seeds are that I have given you to plant. For surely you will reap a harvest.

I also want to teach My children how to gauge the seasons. Discernment is needed. This is not something meant for you to walk out on your own. In My Kingdom seasons are gauged differently yet similar. What I mean by that is, I may tell you to sow your seed when in the natural it looks like winter, but from My kingdom standpoint, I am ready to send an abundance into the situation. Truly it is wise to listen to the Master Farmer, don’t you think?

One of the biggest challenges I have with My children is getting them to trust Me. They have become so accustomed to the natural. That is why it is so important to learn to see with your spiritual eyes and practice listening to My voice, otherwise, you will instantly default to what is comfortable and do-able for you to control.

There is a harvest to be had, but it comes at My cue and your follow through. It is always a team effort in My Kingdom. I am training you if you will let Me. Wouldn’t you like to experience what Peter did by finding the coin in the fish’s mouth? I am very creative you know. That is what I mean by My season, though. I will cause things to appear in the natural where people aren’t looking. If you will follow Me, I will teach you where the hidden treasure is, in the earth and inside of you. Come. Walk with Me and talk with Me… -Papa

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Have a blessed weekend discovering your seeds with Papa! 🙂 -Amy

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