Word from Papa God “From Grief to Life”… by Amy Meyer

“I know many of you have been wandering and wondering what I will do? What I will do about the circumstances you’re in, the state of the church and discovering yourself in it. Know that I have heard your every whisper and have seen your every tear. The season you are about to enter is a time where I am coming on the scene so close, So close to you! I will touch and restore your hearts, And I will wipe away your tears. I will clear your vision so you can see again. This is coming, My dear ones. No longer be hope deferred for I am coming to restore your hope and renew your joy. It’s time to regain your strength. The Seasons of grief are coming to a close.

Yes, I allowed them for a time, but now this time is passing and I am ready to immerse you in your full recovery so you can enter into a new and refreshing place! Your metamorphosis stage is almost complete. Get ready to fly! Get ready to see yourself in a whole new light! I am coming on the scene! You are about to encounter me and life in a whole new way and you’ll never be the same. Prepare your heart and turn it towards Me. You’re coming out of the cave, out of the house, out of the womb, and out of the Cocoon!”    -Papa

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